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The Interview

Ken Cardinal began his study of high school and college coaches in 1975 and then continued with in-depth study of other school employee groups. Each study resulted in a structured selection/development interview and related materials. Cardinal's work in the use of structured interviewing, experience at all levels of school administration, coaching, teaching, consulting and a continuing study of personnel selection/development has resulted in the establishment of Ken Cardinal and Associates.Study has been completed and interview instruments and materials have been developed for the following: superintendent, curriculum director, principal, teacher, athletic administrator, administrative assistant, support staff (custodian, food service, transportation), department chair, guidance counselor, high school head coach, assistant coach, and university/college coach.

There is no Magic! References, observations, credentials, the application, and the interview are tools we use to make decisions about prospective employees. Selection of a new employee only comes after a process of "DISCOVERY" has been implemented. "Tools" used in the process should help us discover what a candidate wants to do, will do, likes to do, and does well.Structuring the interview introduces a systematic approach that provides the candidates with opportunities to share what they believe and what they will do based on those beliefs.

The first step in the selection effort is to identify and define the specific job responsibilities. Once this is accomplished, identification of the skills, behaviors, and attitudes needed to carry out the responsibilities can be identified. Having identified job responsibilities for the new employee, programs for performance accountability and growth opportunities can be developed. Successful organizations will focus on hiring the best and provide opportunities for the best to get better. Discovery "tools" are not biased, therefore can not discriminate against specific individuals or groups in the work force. However, management must guard against people biases that would prevent objectivity in the selection process