Cardinal & Associates
10745 Carolina Pines Dr.
Harrison, OH. 45030

Ken Cardinal & Associates was founded by the late Ken Cardinal on January 1, 1983. Ken taught at the elementary and secondary levels and also held administrative/supervisory positions at all levels. Retiring from the superintendency in Kent, Ohio on January 1, 1981 provided the opportunity for Ken to share his experiences with others. Ken began his study of high school and college coaches in 1975 and then continued with in-depth study of other school employee groups. Each study resulted in a structured selection/development interview and related materials. All materials have been published and copyrighted to Ken Cardinal and Associates. Cardinal's work in the use of structured interviewing, experience at all levels of school administration, coaching, teaching, consulting and a continuing study of personnel selection/development has resulted in the establishment of Ken Cardinal and Associates.

Ken Cardinal and Associates was established on the premise that people learn more, teach better, and behave positively if the conditions and climate are right. The climate, favorable or unfavorable, is a direct outgrowth of the people in the organization. Selection and development of the best people would seem to create the most favorable working environment, resulting in performances which are most efficient and effective. Ken Cardinal and Associates knows what to look for when selecting the best person available and how to determine who will be most successful in perpetuating a positive climate. It is known that employees who are most successful constantly strive to improve, have high expectations, and help others improve the space in which the human condition can be enhanced.